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Stop and Smell the Sunflowers 2020

As we collectively stop and smell the sunflowers- unintentionally, it is important to utilize this time on keeping the lightness shining strong so the darkness cannot fall on us. Once we lose control of situations, we can have a tendency to fall into that dark hole and get absorbed into the victim mode.

One of the first things to action for overcoming these types of situations is to accept what is happening and move forward.

Turn a negative into a positive.

These are my 5 life hacks (tested and approved by myself personally) to a more positive outlook and general view on life’s challenging situations.

Exercise and get moving: Getting your body moving with something like walking or running will help to stimulate the body and mind and allow your circulatory system and important organs of the body to get moving and detox. As we settle into our new normal of iso life you may find that you are spending more time on the phone, couch, in front of the tv, etc. Getting out there and receive mother nature’s fresh air and beauty will put you in a more grateful and positive mindset.

Mindfulness and mediation: Being mindful in unpredictable situations is a very important life skill to have, but TBH not enough of us practice mindfulness to its full potential. The power of mindfulness and meditation and the ability to just accept and observe certain situations, not attach to our minds in these situations will keep us more grounded and in return more in accepting of what we cannot control.

Yoga: The union of the mind, body and soul. The yogis on India have been practicing yoga for over 3000 years and in saying that, you know they are onto a good thing. Yoga is a moving meditation, it works collectively with every aspect of the body, it uses techniques not limited to mediation, pranayama (breathwork) and physical asana. Regular practice allows for grounding on the physical and subtle energies of the body, helps with mental clarity and general outlook on situations on life.

Set goals: Set achievable goals, it might be to do a fitness challenge, learn how to cook at home, learn a new craft or take up some study. Use this time to take accountability for your actions what better way to utilise your time. Upskill yourself. Allocate some time now to make some goals that are valuable to your unique self and set specific time frames to accomplish.

Stay in contact: Reach out to your friends, family and neighbourhood to make sure everyone is fine. This is a challenging time for the whole world collectively, it’s not just you.

Join up to local Facebook groups- I have seen amazing cooking pages. Go on that Zoom wine and cheese date with the gals, Zoom beers with the lads, you might offer your service to the more vulnerable to help with their shopping etc, take this time to get to know your community while supporting each other and staying strong together.


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