I am all about peace, love, wanderlust and yoga. 

The gypsy in me decided to venture to Bali...

This is where I grew my love for the practice and proceeded to continue my self development and emerge myself into the world of yoga. I believe yoga is much more than just the physical asana practice and truly believe that mind and spirit benefit.. 

With 13 years experience in working in the wellness field. I have worked at some of the most remote, exclusive and high end resorts in Australia.  Experienced in yoga, beauty therapy, massage, reiki and crystal healing, my passion lays within the yoga, wellness and travel field. By being able to explore these avenues through specially designed workshops, retreats and training's with like minded people is an absolute pleasure to be involved in.

Something that is very close to my heart is traveling to country's that are underdeveloped. I like to put back into the local villages and communities to help with the economy. My Online Boutique ranges have been specifically hand picked by myself and supports product brands from some of my fave country's.

The meaning of yoga... the union of the body, mind and spirit!


Lacey xo

Whatsapp | +61459703549

Mobile | +61459703549

Currently | Gold Coast - Queensland - Australia

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